Mário Cabrita Gil

THE 80'S

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THE 1980'S

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Photographs of João Cutileiro sculptures, São Lourenço

Gallery, AlgarveĀ and in I.C.E.P, New York.

"A Idade da Prata", "Comicos Gallery", directed by Luis


Portraits, "Meetings of the Image" in Braga, Portugal.

Portraits, "Meetings of Photography" in Coimbra, Portugal.

"Trends of Architecture Portuguese" by Álvaro Siza, Hestnes

Ferreira, Luíz Cunha, Manuel Vicente, Tomás Taveira. An

itinerant exhibition produced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

and Portuguese Secretary of Cultural  Affairs.

"A.R.C.O. 88", Madrid, Spain, portraits of Jose Maria Sicilia,

Miquel Barceló,  Piet de Jonge, Cristina Iglesias, Joel Fischer,

Boyd Webb, Michael Biberstein, Juan Muñoz e Joseph

Kossuth, "Comicos Gallery"  directed by Luis Serpa.